Welcome to the "Info Products Made Easy!" Affiliate Program!

Our New Affiliate Program Pays You

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After Clickbank's small commission, that means
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"Info Products Made Easy!" is a six week course delivered lesson by lesson, on a weekly basis. This amazing six part course breaks down the creation and selling process of information products in to an easily understandable format that anyone can follow.  In our pre-launch tests, the response to the course has been excellent!

Testing of the sales page, which you can view at http://www.infoproductsmadeeasy.com, shows that it is converting at  between 3% - 4.5% on pay-per-click ads and will likely convert MUCH higher still when promoted to your own list or by providing a good review page on your website. At a tasty $55 payout per sale and great conversion rates, you can make a very serious income by focusing your attentions on promoting this product.

Why spend time promoting products that give you a $20 commission per sale when, for exactly the same amount of effort, you can be raking in a bank building $55 payout per sale??

A fantastic payout of around $1,100.00 for every 20 sales you make!!!

Start making a serious effort to promote this course and you will see some serious returns! Imagine waking up, checking your post and finding a nice fat check from Clickbank for all those $55 commisions?  How many sales have you made in the last two weeks? Twenty? Then your Clickbank cheque will be made out to you for the sum of around $1,100.00!!! Two weeks later...same amount of sales...Another $1,100.00!!! And even bigger and fatter checks if you promote a little harder!

Here's How to Get Started Today!

If you haven't already got one, you will need to get yourself a clickbank  account. It's totally free and you can get one here

Once you have got your account, you will then start sending traffic to our site via your hoplink. Your hoplink will look like this:-


( For example, http://myclickbankname.infoprodme.hop.clickbank.net )

Once you have a ClickBank ‘nickname' ID you are ready to start promoting. You will need to simply replace everywhere below where you see the ‘xxxx' with your ClickBank affiliate ‘nickname.'

** PLEASE NOTE - You will see that when you test out your referral link
it will go to our sales page and your nickname no longer appears in the
destination bar of your browser, but 'cloaks' immediately.

This will help to make sure that no one robs you or steals your well deserved commissions.

Amazingly, most other ClickBank-partnered sellers do not add such protection for their
affiliates, but WE DO! We do this to make sure you get paid!

You can easily check that your affiliate link is actually working. Just go to our
sales page via your affiliate link, click the order button, which will take you
to the Clickbank order form. Then scroll down to the very bottom of that page and
you will see that your affiliate nickname appears there. This means that your link
is working and that you WILL get paid your commisions for every person you send who
makes a purchase.

You can promote "InfoProductsMadeEasy!" in lots of different ways, and of course the more promotional methods you use, the larger amount your commission checks will be made out for!  You can promote via pay-per-click ads, putting a review on your site, sending a recommendation to your own list, advertising in ezines, promoting on forums, writing articles, etc. The list is endless!  Start by implementing one method of promotion, then move on to the next and so on, until you have as many different methods working for you as possible - That's the way to earn those huge affiliate checks!

Here Are Some Affiliate Promotion Tools You Can Use

Pay-Per-Click Ads

PayPer-Click Ads are a fast way to get started and can give you a great return on your investment!

Using good keywords and key phrases is an excellent way to get strong targeted visitors with Google and other search engines.

The good people at Google have created a great free tool to help you generate a ton of keywords and key phrases. You can access the Google Keyword Generator tool here

Some Keyword Phrases To Get You Started

information products
info products
creating information products
create information products
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create your own information products
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how to create information products
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Here are a couple of example PPC adds that you can use
with the above keywords:

Your Own Info Products
Create Your Own. The Six Week
Course That Is Changing Lives!

Information Products
Create Your Own The Easy Way!
Don't Let Them Say You Can't!


Writing  articles and submitting them to the article directories is also an excellent way to generate good profits and at no cost. Whilst articles are a slower way to drive traffic, they often remain around on the search engines for a long time and can pay dividends for you well into the future. Just type "article directories" into Google or any other search engine and you'll find all the article directories you need to place your articles with. These article directories are regularly spidered by the search engines and your articles will quickly be picked up.

Here is an example article that you can use. You can use it as it is and simply copy and paste, or you can change it as you see fit. Don't forget to use your own Clickbank ID where you see xxxx

Title :  At Last! - Someone who Talks Sense About Creating Your Own Information Products!


Some weeks ago I decided that I would like to have my own information product to sell online.
I have been making a small extra income from the internet for some time now by, in the main,
selling other peoples info products or ebooks as an affiliate.

This activity has provided me with enough extra money to pay for a family holiday each year,
but like most affiliate marketers, I sometimes felt that I was 'digging someone else's ditch'!
In other words, I felt that if I was going to be using my spare time to sell other people's info
products and ebooks for a commission, I could just as easily be selling my own ebook and
receive 100% of the sale value rather than the usual 40% - 50% i'd been getting by promoting
someone else's product.

There was just a few snags. I'm not a techy type person by any means and so I had no idea
whatsoever about how to create an ebook of my own. Also, I had no idea how to create a
professional looking info product, let alone how to get it to market or how to place it for sale
online. All that technical stuff leaves me cold and there was of course another problem...

I had absolutely no idea what on earth I was going to write about!

However , not to be perturbed, I set about trying to find someone that could teach me how
create my own information product and get it up on the internet. Well, I did find a few ebooks,
so I bought the two that looked most likely to be of help.

Having waded my way through both of them over one weekend, I was left feeling very
disappointed. They both left me no further forward, to be honest and both made the whole
process sound complicated and difficult to achieve.

I nearly gave up on the idea, but decided to continue my search for some help in the matter.
I came across one website where a course was being offered that seemed to be what I
wanted....then I scrolled down the page and saw the price...$1,247.00!!!

Madness! I was trying to end up making money and there was no way I could afford that
sort of price. I carried on searching and eventually came across a site that grabbed my
attention straight away.  "The 6 Week Course That Is Changing People's Lives!"
was the sub headline!

This was another course all about how to create your own information product and get it
online and ready to start earning you a very decent income. But this time it was as if the site
had been written specifically for me. It was exactly what I was looking for. A step-by-step
course that would take me by the hand and show me exactly what I needed to know! The
guy tells a very interesting story on the website that I could identify with.

And, when comapared to the other course I had seen, the best part was the price! It looked
very affordable, especially considering what I would be making in the future from being able
to create as many ebooks and info products as I liked. I went ahead and bought the course.

I found it very straightforward and easy to follow. I read lesson one and carried out the steps
i'd been shown and a week later I was ready for lesson two just as it arrived. I carried on
this step-by-step process and found that it was so much easier than I had been led to believe.

The upshot is, that I completed the course and now have my own info product (and in a niche
that  I previously knew nothing about!), and I will be launching it to a hungry audience in a few
days time.

I know full well that there must be an awful lot of people just like me who want to have their
own ebook or information product, but just don't know where to start.

If this sounds like you, the course is called "Information Products Made Easy!" and you
can find it at http://xxxx.infoprodme.hop.clickbank.net



Emails To Your List

Here are a couple of emails that you can just copy and paste
and promote to your list straight away.

(Don't forget to replace the xxxx with your Clickbank ID).

Email 1.

Email Subject: [Firstname] - They Come & They Go!

Email Content:  

Hello [[Firstname]]

If you've been involved in internet marketing for any
length of time, you will have seen that new products
come along in a blaze of glory and subsequently things
then quieten down and they tend to disappear into the

Well, i've found something that I think will be around
for a long time to come!

Roy Carter has just launched his new course called,
"Info Products Made Easy!". This is a six week course
that is already changing the lives of the people who
have been lucky enough to have been amongst the test
subjects that got early access to the course before it
was launched.

Everyone knows that the only way to earn the REAL BIG
BUCKS online is to have your OWN information products.

Think about it. What do all the top online marketers
have in common? Of course! They all have their OWN
info products!

Those of us that are not techy types can find it a
real trial to get our heads around how to correctly
go about creating and launching our own ebooks and
information products.

There is a right way and a wrong way.

Get it right and you can be on the road to riches
that you never thought possible. Get it wrong though,
(as most people do when they try to create their first
info product) and you will crash and burn!

[[Firstname]], if you want to position yourself where
the REAL money is earned online, then you MUST have
your own product.

Roy's "Info Products Made Easy!" six week course, takes
you by the hand and shows you step-by-step the correct
and uncomplicated approach to creating information
products of your own!

Once you know how, it's cash on demand time!

Check out "Info Products Made Easy!". Your bank manager
will thank you for it!


To Your Success!



Email 2

Email Subject: [[Firstname]] - How Many Guru's Do This?

Email Content:  

Hello [[Firstname]],

When you buy an ebook off one of the so called 'Guru's'
it is extremely rare that you will get their direct
personal email address. Sure, you will get a contact
email in case there is a problem when you download their
ebook or whatever, but that is usually manned by some
impersonal helpdesk.

Try getting the 'personal' email address of these guys
and you'll have a tough job on your hands!

Mostly, once they've sold you their product, you don't
get any ongoing help and support, because they've made
the sale and their not interested in you until they have
something new to sell you.

Not true of all of them, I know, but it's sure as heck
true of the vast majority! Unless you are in their inner
circle, you'll never have their private email address to
ask for help with the product they've sold you.

One guy I know online, is very different from the crowd.

Remember I told you recently about Roy Carter's new
course that is changing peoples lives and truly helping
them to join the ranks of the real money earners?

Roy's course is called "Info Products Made Easy!" and
when you get yourself this six week course, you also
get Roy's PERSONAL email addresss! That way, if you need
any help or just some advice, Roy will get your email
straight to his personal email account and will be there
to guide you every step of the way.

This is one of the good guys online, who truly wants his
customers to succeed and he does everything he can to give
you a lift up the success ladder.

I wish I could prove my point by telling you about the
***Secret Bonus*** he gives to you once you have completed
the course! I wish I could, because the bonus is not just
another crappy ebook that will sit on your hard drive and
you'll never read.

That's not Roy's style. This bonus will be of real value
to you and is something that i've NEVER seen any of the
so called 'Guru's' offer.

Roy's page at http://xxxx.infoprodme.hop.clickbank.net
is well worth the visit just to read the true story he tells!

But if you really want to start earning the BIG bucks online
then you NEED to have your own product and Roy is just the
guy you need to help you.

Take a look now at http://xxxx.infoprodme.hop.clickbank.net

To Your Success!




You can use these box graphics on your website. Just right click
and 'save picture as'...

small box image

medium box 3d image


Website Review  

(Just copy and paste the following review onto your website
and watch those checks roll in)!

"Info Products Made Easy!"

Billed as ' The 6 Week Course That Is Changing People's Lives',
it's easy to see why!

Everyone knows that the real key to making a massive income
online is to have your own information products to sell. If you
look around the internet, you will see that the guru types that
are making the real money are all selling their own products.

Roy Carter's "Info Products Made Easy!" course is a real
'take you by the hand', step-by-step course that will guide
you to creating your very own info products that you can sell
on autopilot and keep 100% of the profits!

This is a six week course that is already changing the lives of
the people who have been lucky enough to have been amongst
the test subjects that got early access to the course before it
was launched.

There is, of course, a right way and a wrong way to go about
creating your own info products. Get it right and you can be on
the road to riches that you never thought possible. Get it wrong
though, (as most people do when they try to create their first
info product) and you will crash and burn!

Roy's "Info Products Made Easy!" six week course, takes
you by the hand and shows you step-by-step the correct
and uncomplicated approach to creating information products
of your own!

Once you know how, it's cash on demand time!

Check out "Info Products Made Easy!". Your bank manager
will thank you for it!



**** Final Word*** Remember, you can earn a tasty $55 PER SALE on this product.... so what are you waiting for??!!!

Don't be like the vast majority of affiliates who just send out the odd email once, never do another thing and think they are going to earn a fortune. Put some CONTINUOUS effort behind your promotions, do something every day  and your efforts are more likely to result in MASSIVE commission checks!!!

So get started, get promoting and watch your Clickbank account fill up with orders at $55 EACH!!!


Roy Carter